I Do… Until I Don’t Exclusive: Lake Bell & Ed Helms, When Friends Make Films

Lake Bell has always impressed us over the years, but she truly wowed us with her writer-director debut In A World. She’s back with a follow-up film that she also wrote and direct, I Do… Until I Don’t.

It is being billed as a romantic comedy, but in fact feels like a romantic tribute to the institution of marriage, coupled with a comedy that reminds us that the most important aspect of any coupling is love yes… but it is laughs that will get you through the long haul.

Bell and Helms play a married couple and them chemistry is pure joy, especially in person as is on full display in our exclusive video interview with the pair.

The writer-director shined a light on why this story was the “what’s next” for her as a filmmaker, as well as moving the locale of her filmography to Vero Beach, Florida from Los Angeles. Helms and the all around talent also share what surprised them the most about the other… their answers will surprise.

I Do… Until I Don’t follows a trio of couples: Bell and Helms, Paul Reiser and Mary Steenburgen, and Amber Heard and Wyatt Cenac. They are all deeply thrown together in ways they could never had expected prior by a documentarian seeking to chronicle her perceived “failing” of the marriage concept in modern times. What everyone discovers will surprise them all. Look for Bell’s latest in theaters September 1.