Death Wish Trailer: Bruce Willis Walks in Charles Bronson’s Shoes

Bruce Willis does Charles Bronson and it should add up to some vengeance-laced fun at the cinemas when the Death Wish remake hits theaters November 22. MGM has released the first trailer below.

Director Eli Roth is giving us his vision of the 1974 flick from Wendell Mayes, based on the book by Brian Garfield. Roth’s version takes place in Chicago (where headlines tell us it is violence against innocence central) and finds Dr. Paul Kersey (Willis), a surgeon, who has his wife taken from him in a violent home invasion. His life immediately changes as he begins a new life as an “angel of mercy.”

Kersey takes to the streets and extols his brand of vengeance on anyone who dares walk on the dark side of the line.

This vigilante runs amuck and the police can do nothing about it, but in the process he becomes a folk hero to the masses who are tired of living their lives in fear.

Roth has made a name for himself in the horror genre, but from the looks of the Death Wish trailer, he seems right at home channeling that violence on screen in an entirely different manner.