Thor Rangnarok Comic-Con Trailer Teases Marvel Magnificence

The latest Thor: Rangnarok trailer has landed and it premiered at the most perfect of places, 2017 Comic-Con.

The Mecca of all things comic book could not have served as a better locale for Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Picture to release the latest, and in our opinion greatest, teaser for the upcoming third chapter in the Thor solo movie series from the comic book series.

We find Thor at the other side of the universe, and he doesn’t have his trusty hammer by his side. What’s a God to do?

Asgard, heck the whole universe, is being threatened by a Goddess of Death named Hela (Oscar winner Cate Blanchett). Lucky for him, there’s another Avenger around to give him a hand with knocking this high priestess of evil off of her perch… none other than The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).

Chris Hemsworth returns to the role he originated and made his own. Idris Elba is also back as Heimdall, so too is Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin. Jefff Goldblum joins the series as Grandmaster and Karl Urban also is a newbie, playing Skurge. Interesting to note, Sam Neill is also in the flick, reuniting him with his Jurassic Park co-star Goldblum.

Loki is also back, and from the looks of things, Tom Hiddleston’s character is back in his brother’s good graces and helping the cause. But… for how long?

Thor: Ragnarok smashes its way into theaters November 3.