Ready Player One Trailer: Steven Spielberg Is Ready to Rock

Steven Spielberg is a dangerous director when he feels like he has something to prove. After the mixed reaction to his The BFG, when we heard about how he was making Ready Player One next, we felt like a seismic boom was coming from the game-changing director.

The trailer for his latest premiered today at Comic-Con and it takes us inside a Columbus, Ohio of the future… but more specifically, a virtual reality world that is much closer than we think.

Judging simply by this extended teaser, Spielberg will wow us once again and once again he will be pushing cinematic envelope in a way that elevates the medium as only he can.

The story follows a teenager doing what teenagers love to do, play games. Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) uses the world of OASIS — an international virtual reality world where users can escape their mundane lives and enter a world of endless possibility — to escape the dreadful world of his present. When the person who crafted OASIS passes away, his inheritance is set to be handed out to the player who can win an treasure hunt anchored in his VR world.

Wade sets forth on the adventure, believing that this is the key to him escaping his life and building a real world future that beats his past.

Ready Player One also stars Mark Rylance, Ben Mendelsohn, Simon Pegg and Olivia Cook.

It is officially our most anticipated movie of 2018. Look for it on March 30 of next year.