The BFG Trailer: It’s the Witching Hour!

We were significantly teased by The BFG teaser trailer, as those are known to do, and now we have a full length trailer for Steven Spielberg’s vision of Roald Dahl’s classic book.


Fresh off of winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, Mark Rylance stars as the title character. He is just one of a whole community of giants who live among us in the shadows. One evening, he takes an orphan named Sophie to Dream Country where he is sort of a dream master for children. She learns much from him, and appears to be enjoying her stay in the giant country. That is, until not-so-nice giants like Bloodbottler (Bill Hader) and Fleshlumpeater (Jemaine Clement) discover that she’s there.

Sophie and the BFG leave the giant’s home and head back to London to warn the Queen (Penelope Wilson) about how the giants might be coming to the capital city to wreak a little havoc. Of course, they have to convince the royal monarch that giants even exist!

Dahl, who gave us Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, admitted that his novel that first appeared in 1982, was his absolute favorite of all his literary gems. Look for The BFG on July 1.