Welcome to a new weekly The Movie Mensch feature, entitled Songs We Need in Trailers! Today is our first musical track that just screams being edited into a film tease and it comes from Sir Sly. If High does not end up in some big time studio’s highly anticipated trailer, […]

Songs We Need In Trailers: High by Sir Sly

Before Wonder Woman landed with her sword, shield and truth-inducing lasso, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was well on its way to becoming the highest grossing movie of the summer. It is still a massive blockbuster, banking $388 million domestically with a total cume of $861.9 million. That monster of a […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Blu-Ray Review: Out of ...

The slow box office trend for Hollywood continues, but for Warner Bros. and Annabelle: Creation, this was a weekend to celebrate. The horror movie, part of The Conjuring franchise, scared up a solid $35 million victory at this weekend’s box office. The film lacked any major stars, but that was […]

Annabelle Creation Terrifies A Box Office Win

The Nut Job was not one of those movies that screamed sequel. The animated film did decently well at the box office and certainly had a few fans in the form of the littlest movie goers out there. But something happened after the sequel was green lit when production started […]

The Nut Job 2 Nutty by Nature Review: A Slightly ...

Instagram fame is fleeting, sure, but even while it is red hot it still has to be considered vapid. That has never been so accurately portrayed on the silver screen as it is in the new Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen film, Ingrid Goes West. Matt Spicer’s biting tale is […]

Ingrid Goes West Review: Social Media Maven Meets Her Match

The Glass Castle is a haunting portrait of an American family living in poverty, where the parents — as dysfunctional as they were — still manage to find the wonder in the world for the sake of their children. The film is a big screen adaptation of Jeannette Walls’ best-selling […]

The Glass Castle Review: Jeannette Walls’ Memoir Movie Mesmerizes

There are a legion of fans who adored the movie Annabelle, the film that describes the early days of that dastardly devilish doll from The Conjuring. The first thing you should know from our Annabelle: Creation review, is it is leagues better than the last edition. Turns out Annabelle was […]

Annabelle Creation Review: Get Dolled Up For Fun Fear!

A slew of photos from the wildly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok has landed online from various sources (including Empire) and they take us further into the wild and frankly colorful world of the third chapter in the Thor solo series. Something else dropped today too, if we could just find it […]

Thor Ragnarok Photos: Delve Deeper into Thor 3, Int’l Poster ...